A Simple Pie

Since I moved to my new home town, to my new church and my new house, I have been cooking. I have been both experimenting a little, and trying some old favorites.

One of these favorites is my “World Renowned, Prize Winning, Chocolate Chip Pie.”

My Simple Pie

I have now made it three times in the past month.

A brief history, before we go on, so you know I’m not just making up this title. When I was eleven, I took this pie to a fundraiser potluck. There was a program before dinner, and so when we came through the line, I was looking for my pie. It was nowhere to be found. It turns out the woman who was cutting up the pies saw it and decided to hide it in the kitchen to make sure she could have some for dessert.

When I was fourteen, my church had a pie contest. I entered this pie and waited to see what happened. My recipe has walnuts, and the judge actually doesn’t like walnuts, but he liked this pie. I won!

Later, when I was living in Kenya, I went to spend Thanksgiving with a embassy family. The mother of the family offered for me to bake something if I liked, and I had the recipe memorized, so I made the pie. It was good.

So. Three times. I actually have been making it for my “Evenings at the Parsonage” so that I can have something to offer while people gather and talk. I have not gotten very much pie leftover. But that is a good thing. I’m not complaining. And neither is anyone else.

One thing that I have found, after moving so many to different places, is that I have to learn each new oven. No oven is made equal. The temperature, and the insulation and timing all have to be figured out anew.

But, after three tries, I think that I have figured out the perfect combination of time, temperature, and patience. And oh, is it good.

Sometimes I wish that ministry was that easy. Three times a trial and then you have it perfect. I thank God that I don’t think I have to get it perfect in three tries or less. There are so many more ingredients and combinations and times that we will be in the midst of a hot place. Instead of letting the hot place burn us, we can let it set us up for success, and the sweet, delicate, soul feeding thing that we call ministry.

I have used this recipe in more places than I can remember, and I have met with successes and failures along the way. Sometimes it is a little overdone, sometimes a bit raw or gooshy, but in the end, it still becomes the sweet goodness of something to share and celebrate in.

And that is sweet goodness for my soul.

The Recipe:

World Renowned, Prize Winning, Chocolate Chip Pie

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour

Blend in 2 eggs

Add 1 stick melted butter and beat until creamy

Add 1 t vanilla

Stir in:
a generous 1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup chopped walnuts

Pour into a 9″ Deep Dish pie crust and bake at 325 for 60 mins.


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