It’s Coming!

It’s just one of those things. The weather gets chilly; I begin to see my breath in the morning. The sun rises later and sets earlier. Darkness encroaches.

And I listen to Christmas Music.

The Chieftains, Jars of Clay, Go Fish, Reliant K, Jimmy Buffett, Manheim Steamroller, Michael Card.

Carol of the Bells, Il Est Né, Joy to the World, O Holy Night, 12 Days of Christmas, Jingle Bells, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

These are the songs that bring the season to me. And I really don’t ever get tired of them. It is like I can’t wait to get an excuse to listen to them again.

I suspect it might have something to do with always being a part of a choir that practices a Christmas Season Program, like a cantata, in the fall. Not every fall, but a good number of them, I have begun to sing these kinds of songs in the time when the days grow shorter, and I love to hear them sung.

This music helps me remember times when I used to sit under the Christmas tree and read and watch the lights on the tree twinkle and wink on and off.

I guess, for me, Advent lasts three months, instead of just four weeks. I prepare for the coming of the Christ child, and I prepare my home for times with friends and family, and I hope to prepare my heart to welcome him in.

Its coming. The time is near. And as my shadow grows longer, and the stores are filled with decorations and festooned with green and red, I wait impatiently for the time when I can put up my tree, and bring out an advent wreath, and light the purple, or now blue, candles that signify the Christian Christmas season.

But for now, I’ll get out my winter clothes and sing along with the songs of the coming season.


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