Don’t look back, then you will never be able to walk straight.

Keep your face to the race before you, so that you will not be hindered.

Look forward to the new idea, it is not the things that are behind you that are going to surprise.

no looking back

Really? Don’t look back? Why not? Don’t we learn things by looking back? Isn’t how we acquire wisdom by considering the things of the past and listening to the past and waiting and watching for what is coming? Does tradition help with nothing?

Traditions from the past do inspire our present and our future. We learn from those who have gone before and we honor their memory. Our saints did good work.

And, also, there are those before us who have done things of which we are ashamed. Christians can always use the Crusades if they are feeling a little full of themselves. But there are other things, like assumptions that we make, and the way that we can turn people away from us without really meaning to.

I know we don’t want to turn back to that, but don’t we need to remember it? Isn’t it important to pay attention to what we have done in the past, for good and for evil, so that we can continue to strive to work for good?

walking above the clouds

As we continue to find new ways to reach out to others and to reach up to the higher purpose, we need to remember what has and who has gone before us.

It is our traditions that make us strong. It is also our ability to forgive and to learn that makes us strong.

As I continue to learn from my mistakes, and as I continue to make them, I have to look back on them so that I can try to learn from the every time. But, it is true, if I spent my whole time considering my mistakes, then I would never get anywhere.

Spending your entire time considering and dwelling on your mistakes only leads to misery.

What we do, is we do not turn back to them. Or we hope that we have the strength to not turn back to them. It can be the hardest thing to see the mistakes that we have made, and move on from them. If we continue to stay stuck in the mistakes, then we will grow stagnant and reek of death.

The balance to find is to look back, learn from the past, and move on to the future, carrying with us the good things of the past, and learning from everything else. For that, there would be no turning back. And the looking back would only be so that we can set our sights even further forward on the road.


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