Waiting For…

We wait for many things. There are many things to wait for: Christmas, children to be born, people to arrive, holidays to come, etc. I’m waiting for surgery for my foot. I postponed it until the new year so that I was able to actually be relatively mobile through the holidays, and also so that the cost and insurance would all be in the same year, since surgery and everything associated with it are not cheap, and insurance is one of those things that has its own rules.

But, in the midst of the waiting, is where I must continue to walk and stand and use this foot that is not well. It’s not very much fun. I manage, I wear my walking boot that I am thankful I already have. I sit with my foot propped up. I try to do less, but that doesn’t quite work as well as it could. And, I wait.

I have a lot of patience. Or, really it might be that I am just fiercely tenacious. I stick things through for so very long, regardless of what they are. Even though I am frustrated, and I can’t stand or walk without pain, I need to do these things, and so I do. I am in the midst of a limbo, and I was given permission to do what I could, so until I have surgery, and it becomes vital that I do less so that I can heal, I will do what I can in the midst of my ministry.

I’ll stick it out. I’ll keep going on. I have folks that support me and will help me in my work, and so I will remain faithful to my calling. This month I learned some of my limits, but I also learned who can help support me while I stretch those limits. I don’t plan on breaking, and I won’t be adding that to my schedule, but I do know that I’ll keep on stretching up and out in the midst of my call. I just won’t be going very fast… a walking boot walks kinda slow.


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