Seeing Ahead

If I could know the future, would I want to?

First off, which future? One day in the future? One year? One decade? One century? One millennia? Is it my future or the world’s future? Would it change how I lived? And how would I know that the snapshot I’d be getting was any part of the whole truth?

There are many questions that come from something that would seem so simple. It could be, if I saw one year into my future, that I would either spend my waking moments either trying to make it happen, or to avoid it. Isn’t that the problems that we have had with oracles from the beginning of time? We want to know what will happen to us, but we are afraid of the news.

As a daughter of a Methodist minister, I have moved around quite frequently. My history is scattered to a score of places and houses that have temporarily been home. I used to wish that I would know if we would be in the same place for the next year… Is it worth finding a place for this? Or should I just keep it in the box until next time?

I’ve now taken on that same mantle, of pastor in the United Methodist church. And I still kinda want to know if I will be in this place for the next decade. I want to know if I have children in the next 5 years. I want to know when I can run (or walk normally) again.

But if I knew these things, if I actually knew them, how would my life change? I would spend too much time waiting on the events to come that I would not be able to enjoy the here and now.

I’ve been having dreams where I am walking… it has seemed such a small thing, but when I awaken, I realize that my body still remembers it, and so can make it real. That walking, and the future where I can run and dance and play, is one that I want to have, that I will have. But for now, I’ll stay where I am, and learn from it, and I’ll still grow in the midst of waiting.

I do know the future.

In the future, we will all be a part of God’s kingdom, and we will be enraptured in the Love of God. And I am doing what I can to help that future be a reality now. I am loving, and sharing, and growing where I am. As I pastor and walk along with these people I have been sent to lead, I can’t wait to see where we will end up. I will wait, though, because the journey may even be more important than the destination. And that’s worth waiting for.


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