A Prayer Challenge

This photo is from my friend Amy's work with touch and Photography.

Friends, Family, Church Members, Readers, Browsers, and anyone else who might see this,

What follows is a special invitation for you and those around you.

General Conference is coming soon! General conference, a gathering of representatives from The United Methodist Church around the world, meets every four years. They are meeting this year in Tampa Florida, April 24 through May 4, 2012.

We have a unique opportunity this year to join in prayer together with the whole Church over this gathering of the delegates from our churches across the world. We can share the same scriptures and pray the same prayers for the forty days leading up to the beginning of the conference, and the ten days of the conference. We begin the prayer journey on Friday, March 16, 2012.

Upper Room publishing house has provided a Journey Guide with meditations and prayers for each of the Fifty Days. Use the link below to access the download for a printable version, or sign up to have the guide emailed to you each day.

I invite you, as a member of the Church, to join me and the rest of our Church family to join in prayer for our delegates, and the meeting together of representatives. It will be a journey of prayer and of a time when we are able to fill our homes with prayer.

Our Church is in the midst of transition, and the delegates to General Conference will come together from different states, countries, and continents to discuss the ways that the Church will move forward. I pray that God will guide each and every decision, comment, and thought that each individual has for the course of the conference. The delegates may speak different languages, but we all worship the same God, Father, Son, and Spirit. As we prepare to make disciples for the purpose of transforming the world, I pray that we can join together as the Body of Christ and focus solely on our God.

 Take the Fifty Day Journey.


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