Looking Through

The future is not always obvious. Sometimes it is not clear what is next to come. Tomorrow cannot be predicted. Yes, sometimes it is possible to predict what is going on in our lives, but we cannot really be sure that we will know what is coming next. A year from now, everything might change. Or some of the details will be the same, but we will find that there are different themes in the similar realities.

The one thing we do know, is that God opens some doors for us to enter through. And we can look for the doors, and yet also be open to be lead to them. As we enter in the way of the way that leads to life, we are led in God’s purpose.

God is calling his Church to follow him. God sent his son as a shepherd to guide us on the path of the way of his kingdom. And we try to follow. Sometimes the door seems shut, and locked, and barred, and impossible to even find. We find ourselves at a dead end and we don’t even know how we got there. But turn it around, look at it another way, and God will open the lock and unclench the gate, and reveal the way through.

That’s the promise. This promise is that the way is always there. The answer is always available. It may not look like an answer. It may not be the answer to the question you thought you were asking. But it will be the way through and the way forward. It is possible to find the way, and to go through the way of hope.

Brambles may catch your skin, rocks will turn under your feet, all manner of crawly things may bite and sting, but the destination will be worth the journey. And at the end, we’ll trade in our old clothes for new ones. Our skin will be cleansed of the scratches and bites and burns. Our lives will be made anew. And the rest for which we had longed so deeply will be peaceful. We will find rest. We will find comfort. We will find joy and peace and happiness.

So, sleep tonight, gain your strength, and begin tomorrow. Because tomorrow the journey begins again, and we wait in anticipation to see where it leads.


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