Not Random

There is just something about being able to give a gift without your name attached. I personally do not believe in “acts of random kindness.” No. Everything you do has some intention behind it, some purpose that drives it. You cannot be randomly kind. Perhaps that is how it is seen, perhaps if a stranger does something kind you, think it might be random, but there was something specific and intentional about looking to find the right time and the right thing to do at that time.

And so, the chance to send a gift, to be able to give with no plan or actual way of receiving thanks is a special way of doing this intentionally. Gifts that cannot be reciprocated have a special weight. Sure, you can “pay it forward,” but that’s not the same thing.

But what kind of gift? Tangible? Something real and physical? Or perhaps something that is not able to be touched and seen, but a gift nonetheless.

I want to give peace and comfort to those around me. I want it for others too, but I see the effects and the need much more greatly in those around me. I want for folks to feel comfort, and sometimes if they knew it was coming from me, it would not be seen as comfort. Perhaps I want to give the ability to receive comfort from those who do not know how to send it.

I want you to have peace. Maybe it can’t come from me. In all truth, I cannot grant peace on anyone, it is a gift of grace from God. But I want you to have peace, in whatever trouble or difficulty or frustration is keeping you from ceding to it. Peace be with you, peace be around you, peace be with your coming and with your going. Peace in spite of the problems you have, peace in the midst of your pain, peace when others try to steal it from you. I pray you have peace in body, mind, spirit, and relationship. I pray you have peace.


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