Remembering the Green Smells

Green is everywhere. Light breaks through rifts in the clouds then shimmers away again. The air is pleasant with dampness and brisk with a fresh chill. It feels as though the air is carpeted with memories. Sweet flowers begin to release their fragrance, birds chirp about a new place to call home. Life renews.

When the air feels like this, I feel like I am back in the mountains of north Georgia, working at a summer church camp in Dahlonega. Every day I walked along the creek that ran through our camp, watching it for the story it held of how the rains were doing in that place. It constantly changed, and it changed our lives while it shifted to fit its place.

Life was renewed.

I liked camp. Partly because I got to be outside each day, partly because I got to worship twice a day, partly because I loved working with the kids that were placed in my care.

I remember that place. I met some pretty interesting people while I was serving there. One of those friends is getting married next week. And I get to go celebrate with her.

And life moves on, we learn from what we experience. We change and become new again with every changing season. Life continues to surprise me. God’s creation is made new each day and I love waking up in it.

Come, take pleasure in it with me. Watch the birds flit and hop along my porch, and wonder at how each of us is created with such delicacy and strength. Come, rest in a new creation.


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