Pragmatic Style

I have a very distinct style. Some might say that I don’t have any style, but, that’s not exactly true. I attempt to wear what I think is required in the situation or setting, but I also can’t stand to wear uncomfortable clothes. As a teenager, my daily wear was a T-shirt and jeans, and it didn’t change much in college, though the waistline of my jeans did move from my waist to my hips. I make concessions to current style only occasionally, and really, only if I decide that I like the way they feel and look on me.

I am reclaiming skirts as a daily wear clothing item, and I’ve begun to sew them, now I just need to perfect the A-Line, and then you really won’t see me in anything else. They are so much cooler for the summer.

I wore skirts every day I was in Kenya, minus some travel days, and days that I wore trousers or jeans because I was at a western setting. Something that my experience in Kenya taught me was that the way you dress is not just for you, but it is a way of honoring those around you. It’s a very neat concept. It can also be taken too far, but, bear with me a moment. We wear the clothes we wear in the US because we want to show off, or we want to be comfortable, or we want to “make a statement.” The statement that folks in Kenya tended to make as they dressed up in second-hand western clothes was that they respected the people they were with, and showed it through their clothing, which were always clean and neat. This is from people who usually don’t have running water or electricity.

I didn’t pay such close attention to my clothes, and it was strange the rules that I could follow, and the ones that I could ignore. I don’t really think patterns mattered as much as something in a presentable state. I know I bent and broke the rules of matching often enough.

My style is occasionally dressed up just enough for the business to which I attend, but I also don’t have enough of those types of clothes to keep it up year round. Sometimes I put together what I think might match, and I’m grateful that no one is around that is going to comment or roll her eyes at me. I would prefer to wear natural fibers, and so I usually do, even though they wrinkle at the drop of a hat. I don’t really know what one would call my sense of style, but, it might just be: Kathy.


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