Broken Promises

Hope abounds in the most desolate of places, be it in a slum set on a garbage heap, or a pristinely varnished palace, left to rot. God grants hope to those who have nothing else on which to cling. God will spread hope and promise in spite of what we do or say. And yet, God chooses to use us, broken vessels that we are, to be the hope of the coming Kingdom.

It is almost as if our cracks were a necessary part of the design. You’ve heard the cliché: “God uses broken pots.” It’s true. We are broken. We are broken beyond repair. Nothing we do, no matter how we try, we won’t become whole again. No matter how much glue, duct tape, baling twine, bandages, stitches, or rubber cement we try to use,  we cannot fill in the gaps left in our brokenness. It’s impossible for us to do.

We’re all broken: me, you, your brother, your sister, your father, your mother, your cousin, your daughter, your son. All of us. Broken, every last one. Nothing on this world will ever make us whole again.

And yet. God still uses you. God still uses me. God still loves us so much, even though we were broken beyond repair. God decided to make the choice. God made the choice to make us whole again. And we are made whole in him, through Christ.

The cool thing is, God even uses the cracks. God shines light through those cracks, so that others can see the light.

Imagine, if we had managed to fill the chinks, we would not be able to shine our light through them, into the world.

The world is smarter than you think. The world can see us, they watch us, and they see us tearing each other down. You wonder why we have people that don’t want to be a part of the church? Sometimes I don’t want to claim those who claim that they speak for God.

The Church is so broken. And yet, it still holds the Promise.


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