Rotten Potatoes

My husband and I discovered what happens to a potato that is forgotten. Forgotten and wrapped in a plastic bag, where it can’t do what is natural. Let me just say, I will triple check every place I ever store potatoes ever again. See, a potato in the ground will die, will decompose and then make the soil more fertile. A potato kept in a plastic bag, and forgotten and hoarded, will rot and turn to a vile liquid that stinks up the entire house.

Has the church hoarded itself into rotten potatoes? Have we forgotten what it means to love the least and the last and the lost? Have we become so concerned with who gets their own way that we have forgotten the one Way that we are to follow?

The Body of Christ has been hoarded and so the parts that have isolated themselves have rotted.

Love your neighbors, serve those who cannot give in return. Come visit me when I am naked, and hungry, and tired, and sick, and in jail, and dying.

How did we turn away from the persecuted and become those who persecute?


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