Depending On…

I really don’t like being dependent on anybody. I like to be prepared, like a good scout, and have all that I need with me wherever I go. You name it, I need it, I’ve got it. It’s like the weight of my purse directly correlates to how well I can go it on my own. Ahh, well… sorry. Thanks for playing, that’s not healthy. Relationships are created because we need people.

I don’t mean being dependent on people in a way that means that we cease to contribute, but being dependent on others to bring joy, life, peace, and grace into our lives. The people around us help us learn more about God.

I don’t know a whole lot about children, I do not have one of my own, but I have worked with them in my ministry. If you’ll watch a toddler long enough, you will see them pull away from whoever is trying to help them, and say, “I can do it. All by myself.” It does not matter what it is, who it is, what task or skill is being completed, three year olds can “do it by themselves.” Now, you’re reading this, and you know that a three year old cannot, in fact, do EVERYTHING by his or herself. You’re right. They can’t. But guess what. You’re older, “wiser,” you have been around for longer. But you can’t do everything by yourself either. Neither can I. I need help. Maybe not the same kind of help a three year old needs, but still I need help.

And perhaps I even need a better, stronger, more thorough reminder. I’ve been doing a whole lot of what seemed like me doing it all by myself, and so maybe I think that I don’t actually need help this time. But I’d be wrong. I do need help. I am not as independent as I would like.

I depend on others. I depend on others for my life, for the love I need in my life, for the food I eat, and the water I drink, and the clothes I wear. But most importantly, I depend on God. Sometimes I try to do like the three year old, and say that I don’t need God. But, like the three year old, I’d be really most sincerely wrong. So very wrong.

I am dependent on God for my life and for my love. I depend on God in my weakness, and through my weakness, God helps me be stronger than I could ever be alone. That’s the amazing thing about depending on God, because then we are able to live into the marvelous grace that is prepared for us. I know it’s worth it.


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