Some days I find it incredibly difficult to focus on anything. My writing suffers. My effectiveness suffers. I drift from activity to activity. I dawdle around the internet not doing anything of consequence. Sometimes I don’t even have the focus to decide what to prepare for dinner.

I am frustrated with days like that. I am frustrated with myself on those days, and criticize myself for days or weeks later… occasionally contributing to another day of difficult focus and distracted consciousness.

I think that surely I have grown out of being like this, that I should be able to be an adult and buckle down and get focused, get going on the next project.

See, I know what it feels like to be extremely, and singularly focused. I have been excited about things before, and when I am in the groove it comes easier than water through a wide open spigot. It doesn’t even matter what it is when I am doing it, it can be as simple as getting a burst of energy for some last minute cleaning, or a late night alertness for writing that paper that is due tomorrow morning.

When I look back, particularly during my times of unfocusedness, I wonder what I could do to be that focused and that driven in every task. Surely I can do that for the task I have to do now, right?

It seems, that cannot always be the case. A singular focus may not be what is needed, or healthy in every single moment of every single day. In fact, it is a marker for more than one disorder.

And yet, I wonder if there are ways that Christians should be developing a singular focus. Shouldn’t we be always focused on God? Always looking at our moves and tasks and routines through the lens of how God is using us through this today? Including housework and menial routine tasks at work. How would it change the way that we think about what we do? How would it change how we complete a task? Where would our attentions be directed to next, if our focus was on God, even when we were distracted from our present task?

How will you focus today? Where will your focus be today?


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