The, Definite Article

The end.

The beginning.

The start.

The wonderful world of Oz.

The parent.

The child.

The bowl.

The chair.

The race.

The mystery.

The one.

The journey.

The mistake.

The music.

The melody.

The confusion.

The beginning of something wonderful.

The light.

The “the” at the start of each sentence identifies a very specific, singular place, person, event, or idea. “The” can begin a title, and generally we throw this very small word around casually, without realizing how much weight we are putting on these three letters. What amazes me is when we place it in front of words, without saying it. When you say “book” do you mean “a book” or “The Book?” They are very different things, one is much, much more specific. Are you talking about a general book, one that would pass the time or serve as a paperweight, or a very specific Book that has informed you about something, or made your life more rich in some way?

The wonder is, how often do we miss that others around us are being specific? And then reversely, how often do we read specifics into what others are being general about?

How definite are you? Definite article definite?

English is such a strange language. It is full of wonder, shifts, changes, and can mean different thing either written, or spoken, or depending on how one reads or hears and interprets the words.

And yet, one of the main tasks and purposes within my ministry, is to use words to teach, guide, inform, and hopefully, prayerfully, fill with grace. The grace from God. Not just any grace. Even though the grace of a dancer would be a good way to illustrate some of how Grace can fill and influence each of us.

But, The Grace.


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