This past week, I’ve had two meetings at my new church with which I had been a little pre-occupied. I had not really known what to expect, and so I had done what we are not to do as Christians: worry. Not that I really had anything concrete, any markers, that were leading me to worry. No, it was just that we were going to be talking about BIG things, and things that directly related to me and our ministry together. And I was a little nervous. I shouldn’t have been.

Both meetings were filled with grace and understanding. Both times that we came together we were able to listen to each other and take the time to delve deep into what we meant behind our words. There was more listening than talking, and even people who brought the agenda were not tied to it. Better than I could have imagined, we were able to bring together all that we were hoping for, and make it even better.

And I am excited. I am excited about the ministry that is happening at my church. Rather, I am excited about the ministry that is happening at the specific church that belongs to God that I have been called to serve. I am excited about our partnership in the Holy Spirit that continues to draw us together and will continue to build us up.

I am also excited that my health is very nearly all back to me, and that I will have the energy and strength to join in the exciting things that God has in store for this community. I am excited that I get to keep learning new things about this community, about these people that I have the privilege to serve.

I am excited about the truth behind each of those statements. I have been reminded of why I am called to serve in God’s Church, and at this specific charge. I am called to serve, and to love. And, in the midst of it, I will be loved. And that brings me joy.


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