A Letter to an Unknown Sister in Palestine

Dear Heart, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

No wait. Well, yes, grace and peace to you, but opening a letter with such a flagrant showing of my belief doesn’t really do much for the conversation with you if you don’t believe the same things I do.

Peace be with you. Because peace is something that we all desire. Peace. Peace in your heart. Peace in your home. Peace in your innermost being. Peace in your soul. Peace in your relationships. Peace in all the comings and goings of your life. Peace.

I feel the need to apologize for the angry, hate filled rhetoric that has filled the space between us. I know that I have not sent it out, but I feel that because I have not done much to speak against it, that I am actively participating in it. We can be such an angry, hate filled people sometimes. That goes for any group that I could be a part of: Christians, Southerners, Americans (and the fact that we call ourselves that, rather than residents of the United States, as if we are the only ones on the two continents), Pastors, Women, Ethnically White, Middle Class, Married, Heterosexual, Cis-gendered, Educated past High School, Employed. The list seems to never stop.

So many labels. I hadn’t stopped to consider how many labels that I had come to participate in. But, I want to speak past, or in spite of the labels. I want to speak as a sister. As a loved one, as a friend and as one who desires to hold a conversation and a relationship with you.

We will never get past the labels if we are not honest with each other. I am a listener. I am a prayer. I am a compassionate giver. I am a good hugger. I am a passionate singer.

And most of all, I want you to have peace. I desire that your nights are no longer filled with fear that the missiles will hit your house, or your parents house, or the houses of any of your loved ones. I pray that you will feel safe to let your children play like you used to. I want you to have a full, healthy life, that is complete and filled with love.

And so I wish peace be with you. And because of who I am, I pray that Peace will rest within you, and you will be comforted. Go in peace.


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