It Will Be

Revel. Celebrate. Rejoice.

The street filled with shouts of celebration. Triumph was theirs. Rejoicing was heard for miles around as fireworks and bottle rockets exploded in the air. Some, still not certain, jumped at the noise, but their hearts were warmed by the singing of the anthem. Happiness abounded. Deep sorrows were laid to rest, and tears were dried. Finally, ultimately, at last, here was something to celebrate. It had been so long since they could sing with this kind of freedom.


At last. Victory.

This time, this victory was not to be short-lived. No, this victory will last. It is the final victory. And this is the final song of triumph. And so we reveled in the streets. Friends and strangers alike danced together. The music was full of life and love. The steps were simple, and the melody familiar to everyone, even though they had never heard it before.

All languages were again understood by all. A table meant a table meant a table spread for all to have plenty to eat. No one would ever go hungry again. Deep wells that had gone dry and turned to pits were now springing out clean, fresh, clear water. The granaries would never be emptied. The stores would never run out.

And at last, the story would be told. The story, the ancient story, took on new life for all those who heard it. The story was no different, the ancient tale was unchanged, but all who heard it listened with new ears. The original meaning had finally been realized. The ancient truth became true for everyone who heard it told.

The children were all to grow old together, and the families became one family. This one family, the original hope of the creator, had finally joined together once more.

Hope had finally been made the full reality. Joy was finally on the faces of all. Pure love was celebrated in the most ancient way, without shame or consequence.

And everyone was finally home, where they belonged. Even those who had never before had a place to call their own, even those who had wandered their entire lives, were finally able to rest. There was no more wondering where the next night would be spent, whether there was going to be adequate shelter, or at least a level place to lie down.

Now the banquet was prepared, the dance was beginning, and the time to Revel had just begun. Because the victory was finally complete. Sighing was no more. Joy filled the place, and all of the dangers were now merely fascinating. Everyone reveled in the life that they had been given. Everyone recognized each other, even though they had all been transformed. New life was here. Now. And the celebration had just begun, for Grace had just gotten started.

Celebrate. Rejoice. Revel.


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