Recently, I’ve been thinking frequently about creativity and ministry. I wonder if I am being creative enough in my ministry, or rather, what else I could do to be creative. I wonder when else I can be creative, and how I can work my own inherent creativity into my daily ministry. I desire to be more creative in my work, in my life, in my ministry, and sometimes I do not feel that I have the energy to be creative as I would like.

This is one of the reasons that I write. When I write, my words flow so much more easily than when I am talking. Even if it is something that I am passionate about, I can usually explain myself more clearly in writing, than in the spoken word.

This becomes obvious to me especially when I am in the midst of a meeting, and I don’t know exactly where I am headed when I begin speaking, and sometimes have to back up, start over, so that I know what I am saying.

When I write, the process is similar, but because I can see it on the page, I know where I have been, and I know much better where I am going. Even when I am responding to a prompt like the one today, when I don’t have a clue where I am going when I begin, but it generally (not always) makes sense when I complete my thought.

Granted, many times in writing what arrives first onto the page is what has been clouding my mind, sometimes even to the point that I know what I meant to write, but everything else had to go on the page first, and sometime the original thought never gets across.

In words on the page, my thought flows freely. It is as if I am able to have an extra sixteen pockets or so to hold every thing, so that I can then take them out and examine each individual facet, without cutting myself on a sharp edge or drop something that might shatter.

the facets shine
the facets shine

It is as if I have a series of unique gems, each shaped drastically different than each of the others. They are all beautiful, and they are gorgeous as a collection, but you cannot see the detail of them until the kaleidoscope has been dismantled and each is valued individually.

After inspecting each thought, after examining each facet, after discovering a little more mystery than I imagined at the beginning, after all of that, then I can place each thought carefully back into the kaleidoscope and bounce the colors off each other.

That is what creativity is like for me. Seeing the individual parts of the image, and then also discovering an entirely new image after turning the wheel around.

Writing is an exercise in distillation, of coming to the central part of the focus. But it is also the process of discovering new ideas, ones that never would have arisen so quickly unless on a page. In writing, I get to discover what is important, what is crucial, what is the spark of the center.


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