Fiery Red

The colors of a sunset: fiery red, blazing orange, and encroaching magnificent purple.
Whenever I am outside for a few days, I always promise myself that I will notice the sunsets more when I get back home. The blazing colors and brilliant brushstrokes of the colors the sun paints as it descends through the sky always make me want to point them out to those around me.
Are you seeing this? Did you catch that? Can you believe it?
But then I go home, and the most that I notice is the room I was in got dark, and I have to turn on the lights. How often do I miss something beautiful because I’m preoccupied with my own thing? It’s not as if I have near the creativity of the setting sun, and the master painter. It’s more like I know it exists, and yet haven’t bothered to see it, to experience it, to stand in breathtaking awe of the magnificent work of God.
I’m not just talking sunsets here.
When do I miss the mastery of God because I was too busy with my own thing? When did I get carried away in doing something, distracting myself for another fifteen minutes, so that I missed the work going on around me?
God, make me more observant of your creativity. Help me tune in to your amazing work, so I can rejoice in it with you. Remind me that I am dust, intelligent, creative dust, and that you want so much more for me than dull mundane do-overs.
Craft me, shape me, use your brush to fine tune the tiniest parts of me. Use my scars to help me see your glorious work in the world. Your love is a gift, and I want to soak it in. And remind me that your sunsets are not an obligation, but a gift. A glorious, magnificent, creatively abundant gift.


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