Rain Again

This is the fifth day of flash flood warnings. Our weather service: “Due to saturated conditions from recent heavy rainfall, any additional rain will rapidly result in flooding.” The creeks and streams around us are brimming. The soil is becoming spongy. We won’t get to play on the field, because the grass will be too tender. It should make the Independence Day fireworks safer, but they may also end up as a wash out. I guess we will just have to find out.

It is raining again.Rain Gauge

When especially tempestuous storms bluster through, my migraines get kicked up into high gear. One evening this week I could feel the rise of the storm by the level of nausea I was experiencing. John and I were playing a game and as the storm went on I became less and less engaged in how I was playing. I went to bed early that night. I don’t have a headache now, but it could only be a matter of time.

It is raining again.

Folks are traveling this week in preparation for the holiday. I pray for safe travels for everyone. The roads are slick and some are flooded. It is construction season, and so there is extra gravel and extra runoff, especially as more land is paved. The drainage hasn’t been perfected, and so the water pools unexpectedly.

It is raining again.

Last year entire crops failed because there was not enough precipitation. Corn became yellow and brittle far before it was supposed to. Sand and grit blew around and it was dusty. Now the land is muddy, and I hope we don’t have too much rain.

It is raining again.

And it is getting harder.Rain Puddle

Crawfish have been spawning in the ditches, where there used to just be sediment. Everything is green. The grass is growing at unparalleled rates. Dead limbs are knocked out of trees, making room for new growth. The blueberries are plump and juicy and sweeter than ever.

It is raining again.

I haven’t gone out to play in it recently. The heat is broken, and robins dance in the puddles. Flowers bloom and the scent from the gardenias outside our door is nearly overpowering. All this rain reminds me of camp, and the way that soil smells after a good rain. I remember watching the creek water level, and getting to play in new ways in creation because of the rain and new mud that keeps coming.

It is raining again.

And as it rains, I remember the promise to not be washed away. I remember the promise of new life in the rain. I might have a lot of complaints about the rain this time, but I also remember how much we needed it last year. I hope our deficit is ending, and we will have enough to reset our water tables.

Rainy days are perfect for curling up with a book. Rainy days are times when farmers and graders get rest. Rainy days are perfect for ducks and otters. Rainy days remind me of rainbows.

It is raining again, and I love the rain.


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