Into the Light

What is in shadow now will be revealed.

This could be a good thing, or it could be a bad thing. There are some secrets I have that I don’t want to share with anyone else. I don’t want my internal monologue displayed for everyone to see and hear, if only because I think some quite odd or intensely vindictive things, and I don’t believe that the general public would be able to handle them.

But when everything is revealed, when all the shadows are burned away, then everything that I wonder about, every question that I have can be answered. I will not fret, I will not question, I will not sit stuck in the quandary of wondering all the questions of the universe.

The shadows will be revealed.

No longer will strange objects obscure the light. Light will shine, and not even the glimmer of a penumbra will be found. Light will fill everything. The source of light will not just be the overheads, or the desk lamp, or the moon, or even the sun, but instead will be the Son, the true light. Light from light.

The revelation that flows from the light will be the revelation that reveal us all to be who we are to our very core. Through our communal revelation, even our shame will not be cast in shadow, but will be redeemed, we will not seek to hide our past, but celebrate that we have come to the end of our seeking.

The shadows float across us for now. We are obscured from the light, and we cannot see our own selves for what they are. We are hidden, we hide ourselves.

But the light will draw us forward, out of the comfortable shadows, into the clear open space of grace.

The light will shine out.

I want to shine like that. I want to no longer hide in the shadows. Perhaps I will consider my own thoughts, and move towards the light as I can. There is only so far I can go on my own, I will not be able to clear away everything. 

I will move toward the light. Image


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