Relieve: A Prayer

O God, guide my strength into your own.
I want you to relieve all my pain, all my doubt, all my grief; your Word enters into life to relieve us, but the pain continues. The tension of good and evil, the tension of sacred and secular, the tension of joy and sorrow come close to breaking my spirit.
Find my heart and relieve it.
But more than actions benefiting only my wants and needs, move to relieve the pain and suffering of those in my community, and in our world. My sighs are the sign of my sorrow for your people. Move in the world, move in me to do your work. Relieve the fears of those around me, that they may re-live your glory and majesty. O God, you are mighty and yet you consider things so small as lilies and sparrows.
Guide us to seek the day when your kingdom will relieve us, that we might all live in your love and glory. In the name of the healer and Lord who came as a tiny baby, Jesus Christ Emmanuel. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Relieve: A Prayer”

  1. Pastor :
    To The Point

    May this prayer be used in the context of Worship/may we print it in our service leaflets?

    Todd Anderson
    An Ordinary Radical

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