Everything is far more complex than it appears.

There are deeper soundings than what meet the eye.

Lights are hidden deep in the expanse of space,

and burning suns become points of light.

My vision clouds and all becomes blurred,

light encompasses me but I lose myself in the darkness.

Moving through the world by touch alone,

the elephant becomes a pillar and the eagle becomes a quivering feather duster.

Touch tells you what you feel.

Sight tells you what you see.

But there is more to hear and smell and taste and understand.

More complex than our senses can describe,

the world opens to deeper revelations and secrets.

How do we discover the beauty of the world around us?

How do we see past the pain and suffering to find any joy whatsoever?

Everyone is hurting more than you know,

but hope delivers itself in strange ways.

Healing is more complex than we can imagine.

Hope finds us in darkness and in despair.

The Spirit overcomes suffering and opens our hearts to beauty.

When we see through the eyes of God,

we discover a world of wondrous creation.

Creation is far more complex than it appears.


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