Invoking Peace

There’s a song that goes “I will call upon The Lord, who is worthy to be praised. So shall I be saved from my enemies. I will call upon The Lord.” I find it prettiest when it is sung as a call and response, with the different parts falling in upon each other as the song gathers strength and passion. The chorus goes “The Lord liveth, and blessed be the rock, blessed be the rock of my salvation.” This song, especially sung as a call to worship, draws all who sing and worship together to sing and name The Lord as present in this space.
I think about this song frequently, even if I haven’t sung it since the last time I was at a campfire worship circle. I want to call on The Lord to be present in this space, in each and every space where people are in worship, or hurting, or in danger, or in pain.
The conflict is escalating in Israel and Palestine, and I know there are no easy answers, but my heart breaks with the stories of families being torn apart, children wounded in a war between their parents. How difficult to teach a child the reason for their injuries, without teaching them the hate and fear that led to the conflict in the first place.
There are stories of people being better than the war growing around them, stories of grace and forgiveness in the midst of grief and heartbreak. But these stories of hope are scarce in the midst of conversations of missiles and interception measures.
I pray for peace in the midst of this conflict, as well as other conflicts around the world, those I have heard of, and those I have not, conflicts between communities and conflicts in the midst of diseases reaching epidemic proportions. I pray for healing, for grace, for the power of God to reign in broken places and in broken lives.
May The Lord live and bless us, let the name of The Lord be praised, root us on the foundation of the rock that gives abundant life.
I will lament and I will praise and most of all I will continue to hold all of the world, all of these amazing, intricate people who were formed in the image of God in my prayers. Let this call, this invocation be carried by the Spirit to the very heart of God.


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