Assuming the Worst (and yet…)

The nation votes soon. I hope to vote very soon. Possibly tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know what will happen in North Carolina or the nation at large. I also don’t know why anyone would consider voting for the person running against the person I’m voting for. I mean, I know a couple of things, but I truly do not understand why anyone in their right mind would consider voting for the opponent.

What scares me, more than anything, is that depending on where you stand, this statement is true for persons from either major party. We each want to say that the other is incredibly unreasonable and that we are right, even though the person we support is flawed, and that their opponent is utterly untrustworthy and cannot be considered fit to lead.

Is this where we have come to? Is this democracy at its finest?

Who do we trust so deeply to believe that our opponent is beyond hope?

But we do it. We shout and cry and plead and applaud our own candidate while defaming and condemning the opponent.

I’ve come to the point where I both believe that this election is vitally important and yet I also believe that my final hope cannot be founded in the government.

The world will stand and continue to turn no matter who is elected.

I will continue to disagree with our president whoever becomes our next president.

My ultimate ruler is not my president, my ultimate ruler is Christ.

I believe that Christ grieves over the hate filled speech that has overrun our democratic dialogue. Not because Christ is a part of a political party, but because Christ grieves with those who grieve, and Christ weeps when we fight against and hate each other.

And I don’t know what is in the hearts of those around me who happen to disagree with me. I don’t know what roads they have travelled to get to where they are. We’ve stopped listening to each other. We’ve begun to assume that if you support the other camp that you have become the very worst that the particular camp represents.

We assume the worst and take credit for the best.

No wonder we disagree.

Now, yes, I support one particular person who is running for president. I voted for them in the primary and I will vote for them again. But I don’t believe they are the solution to every problem that plagues our country. They won’t be able to do it if they remain in office for eight years! And it is not that the congress is divided or that red tape gets in the way. It’s because much of what is broken with our system needs attention from those of us nearest to the issues. we are on the ground, and we have the responsibility to respond to the needs of the community around us, not wait for DC to get it’s act together.

I think the church has some stepping up to do. We need to begin with conversation, especially with those who think differently than we do. And the listening is vital.


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