Traditions in Watching and Waiting

Hurricane Florence is about to make landfall along the coast of North Carolina. It will probably be the last Florence, the name will probably be retired, because Wilmington is currently forecast to have 30-40” of rain in addition to storm surge and wide flung winds. It’s not looking good.

Closer to home, we are looking at rain for three days, estimates are 6-10” with local higher possibilities depending on rain bands. Winds should be down, but with how wet the ground is, trees still might come down, and we might lose power.

Hi Florence

And at home, I’m looking at the creek in our back yard, wondering if it will jump its banks again, and if it does, how high the floodwaters will rise. The house has flooded before. It might again. I’m having a hard time figuring out when I need to make the call for us to leave, if we need to. I really don’t want to wake up to a flooded house with my baby in my arms.

The NOAA weather radio will be on alert. The phones will be charged. The car will have supplies in it. What more will I need to do?

It is our family tradition to watch the weather when a storm is coming. I remember watching the weather channel when Jim Cantore was a newbie. Now we get to look at the various social media accounts of meteorologists as they give updates from their living rooms and home offices (Thanks Brad Panovich).

And everyone in my family, from North Carolina to Georgia, all the way to Macau, is checking in on each other as we make sure we share our plans ahead of the storm.

Its a tradition.

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The kits are packed, the snacks are stored, the laundry is done, and the storm is coming ashore.

Now we hope that the floodplain drains before it brings the water to our doors. We might get to spend some time with friends before the weekend is over.


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