Scout Prayer

Inspired by the Girl Scout Promise and Law and the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

God of promise, you call us to live in your grace and strength by offering us your guidance through the Holy Spirit. 

Lead us to cultivate the fruit of living within your will in all we do. 

Grant us courage in the midst of challenges that test our resolution to live into your will. 

Instill bravery in us when others try to convince us of giving into our fears. 

Lead us to keep our promises, so that we can be honest, fair, and trustworthy. 

Show us how and where to help those around us.

Teach us to discern the wise use of resources so we can be thrifty, generous, and make the world a better place. 

Fill us with compassion, so we can be courteous, considerate, and caring to everyone. 

Guide us to respect the people we meet, the places we live in, the wild places we encounter in creation, and those who lead us with honor and integrity. 

Make space within us for joy,  so that we can be cheerful, friendly, and welcoming to our friends old and new, neighbors, and strangers. 

Help us explore your world in such a way that we always learn something new. 

In the name of Jesus, who taught his disciples to pray, saying: Our Father…

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