About Me

I love to write, and here is one of the places I figure it out. I keep learning, writing here since 2009.

While I write, I live into a rhythm of worship, creativity, motherhood, and marriage. I am finally approved for ordination as an Elder in Full Connection with the United Methodist Church, now I’m just waiting for the service in June… It has been a long road since I was commissioned as a Provisional Elder in June 2014.

I have served in the local church as a pastor for five years, and spent an interstitial space where I was a pastor without an appointment for five years. Now I am completing my work and serving at a new appointment.

I still find more ways to minister. This is one of those spaces.

Though I learned how to like to write my first year in Div School, I still find that I surprise myself with what I write. Wait to see what happens.

To contact me please send an email to scifikdg (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you.

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