Funny how that works

Planning worship on Friday night was extraordinarily fun. I spread out on the kitchen table and pulled out books, references, bibles, and my computer to play music on. I was glad to actually have almost all of the hymns that we’ll be singing on my computer. I really do have a lot of liturgical music. (Thanks daddy.) I was surprised, though I don’t know why, that my experience at duke has made it so much easier for me to plan a well flowing, liturgical service that works for the congregation. It is for my church I served last summer, but they have just last month begun a new, early service. So I was able to use almost all of my material. The pastor there preaches two different sermons for the two services. (Crazy!) I will not be doing that, but the two services are distinctly different. I will slip in a few things I learned from doing morning prayer this past year, but I had restraint with them. Now if I could figure out what song to sing, and how to sing it…


2 thoughts on “Funny how that works”

  1. What are you adding from Morning Prayer? I’ve been trying to keep up with it this summer, which has helped me get the liturgy into my head better.

  2. I’m using two of the collects, from different places, one in each service. The middle collect for mission and the other for proper 11 (this week’s collect for sunday).

    But I have not been doing as much as I had thought about at the beginning of the summer, because I am lazy.

    I thought about adding suffrage A, but it didn’t fit, since I’m going to have a responsive reading of part of a psalm.

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